Droid Stuck in Sync Mode

Sync Icon staying on  in taskbar

1.  I'm not sure if it is an Android problem or a Verizon problem

2. Your Sync Icon is staying on in the top taskbar causing battery to discharge rapidly

3. This has become a common problem recently with Droid users

4. There are several fixes proposed on the web, none seem to work long

5. I have isolated the problem down to the Calendar Sync in your gmail account

6. Until the problem is fixed, here is a way to stop it from running your battery down.

7. Go to: Contacts, Accounts, your gmail account

8. Uncheck the Sync Calendar box

     (if this doesn't fix it, uncheck them all)

9. Back out to the home screen

10. Shut you phone off, remove battery for a few seconds

11. Reinstall battery and power up you phone

12. Everything will auto sync, if you have it set to, except the calendar.

13. You can manually sync you calendar whenever you wish.

14. When Google or Verizon corrects the problem, you can recheck the box if you wish.

15. At least for now, your battery will not run down quickly from it continuously trying to sync.