Useful Tips for Droid

1. Quick Launch. If you will hold the home button, the Droid will bring up a list of the 6 most recently used applications. Quite a time saver this one
2. Mount Droid Via USB. If you want to transfer files between your SD card and your computer, you can do this very quickly by connecting the USB cable and then selecting USB Storage->Mount from the menu.
3. Turn on/off Wi-Fi, GPS, etc… Keep the home button pressed and select “Widget Power Control” from the menu. This small widget allows you to quickly turn off connectivity options and change brightness.
4. Hide the keypad. If you have no use for the touch keypad that appears on your screen, you can hide it by flicking them down. If you want to bring up the keypad, tap the field.
5. No Magnets Around. Make sure that you do not place the Motorola Droid in any holster that contains magnets. If the Droid detects magnets, it will switch to the “car mode”, eating up more of your battery.
6. Use Phone Number. This trick was implemented in phones for a while now, but it is still worth mentioning. If you receive an email or an SMS with a phone number, you can click and hold that number to bring up a menu. This menu will let you save the number, send an SMS to it, etc.
7. Set An MP3 Ringtone. If you want to set an mp3 file as a ringtone, upload the song (maybe using the method we presented above), play it then go to Menu->Set As Ring Tone. Now the respective song will be set as your new ringtone.
8. Copy / Paste. Make sure you make use of the copy/paste feature when it is needed. It can really help you when moving text around. Select a text field, go to Edit Text->Copy/Paste.
9. Select A Single Word. If you want to select a single word so you can copy/paste, double click that word. Than you can use the method above to copy/paste.. Make sure you make use of the copy/paste feature when it is needed. It can really help you when moving text around. Select a text field, go to Edit Text->Copy/Paste
10. Vibrate Functions. If you want to turn of the vibrator, go to sound settings and check the vibrate box. Maybe you don’t want it to ring but you want to know when somebody is trying to call you.
11. Quick Silence Swipe the screen to the left to put the Droid in silence mode.
12. Perform A Voice Search. To use the voice search, just hold down the search button (it’s the magnifying glass) and wait until “voice search” is brought up.
13. Save Web Pictures. When browsing the net, you may encounter lots of pictures that look nice. If you want to save a picture from the web simply tap and hold that picture and select “save”.
14. Website Shortcuts. If you are constantly visiting a certain website, you might want to add a shortcut on the home screen for it. If this is the case, bookmark that website, go back to the home screen, tap somewhere and hold it down. The menu that will appear will give you the info you need for creating a shortcut.
15. Pinpoint Locations. When somebody sends you an address over an email, just click and hold that address to look it up in Google Maps.