The Difference Between Harley & Gold Wing Riders

A Harley Rider:


A Gold Wing Rider:

"Live to ride. Ride to Live." - "Eat to ride.  Ride to eat"
Black leather jacket and chaps - Red snowmobile suit
Meets other riders at Local Bar - Meets other riders at Denny's
Cross Country ride ends at topless bar - Cross City ride ends at Dairy Queen
Riding in a group of hundreds - Riding in a group of One
Rolling thunder - Barco Lounger with wheels
"This beer is flat, let's trash the place" - "This cappuccino is cold. Let's only tip 10%"
"Loud pipes save lives." - "Honey, will you turn down the radio?"
Black leather vest with "Bar & Shield" - Gray twill vest with "Gold Wing" Patch
Biker Babe as Passenger -  His Mama as Passenger
Group meeting called "Hog Rally". - Group affair called "Wing Ding".
Ape hanger bars and splinter seats. - Big wide seats for big wide butts.
Backs Bike into any Parking Spot - Uses Reverse to Back Out
Keeps Riding when Rain Starts - Pulls under cover and waits
Do Rags covering up steel plates in the head - Helmet with headset and microphones
Cold Beer & Naked Women - I wish I had a Harley