Campground Meat Lovers Pizza

1 - Pack Mama Mary's Pizza Crust

1 - Jar Pizza Sauce or Pasta Sauce, Pasta Sauce is sweeter

1 - Stick of Butter

1 - Pound of Ground Chuck, Fried, Drained and washed

1 - Pound of Mild Sausage, Fried, Drained and Washed

1 - Pack Sliced Pepperonis 

1 - Pack of Ham, Sliced and Diced

1 - 3 cup Bag of Mozzarella Cheese 

1- Pack Canadian Bacon

1 - Bottle Real Bacon Bits

1 - Can Pam Spray


Using a Presto Pizzazz Revolving Pizza Oven, Lightly spray Oven Pan with Pam.  Rub the bottom AND the top of the pizza crust with butter.  Plug in Pizza oven and set time to 15 minutes with top AND bottom elements on.  Place Pizza crust on Oven Pan.  Spread Pizza or Pasta Sauce on Crust, be sure to get it on the outer edge. Cover the sauce completely with Pepperonis. Cover Pepperonis with hamburger.  Cover hamburger with sausage. Cover sausage with ham.  Cover ham with Canadian bacon.  Sprinkle bacon bits over Canadian bacon.  Completely cover entire Pizza with Large amounts of Mozzarella Cheese.  Cook until cheese starts to slightly brown.  All ingredients are added while Pizza is turning and cooking.  Slice and enjoy.


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