Scottsboro City Streets

Updated 01.29.2010


Street Name



Abby Lane

Left off Marshall Street which is off Hwy 72 East (Marshall is between Stewart Road and South. Broad, Marshal goes to County Bus Garage)

Aberdeen Drive

Left off Clemons Road, Past Big Curve, First Left Past Sherwood Drive

Adams Street

Left (East) off of Scott Street on Franklin Street, Tyler Street or Van Buren Street, These Street will Dead End on Adams Street

Alabama Avenue

Runs North off of Maple Street just West of Tupelo Pike

Alpine Drive

On top of July Mountain First Left to Bellvista, then First Right

Alpine Avenue

2nd Left (East) off Kirby Street (Right on Kirby off Willow just East of 5 pts)

Andrew Jackson Way

River Ridge Subdivision, Hwy 35 on Right before BB Comer Bridge

Anderson Street

East and West off South Broad Street just North of CW's Pitstop

Andrews Street

South from Willow to College Ave (in Front of Word Motor Co)

Apple Tree Street

East off Cedar Hill Drive to Andrews Street, Behind Telephone Company

Ashley Street

Left (West) off Howard Street (Howard Street turns Left (North) off East Willow) (City Pound is at end of Howard Street)

Ashmore Lane

Left (East) off South Broad Street and runs beside Caldwell School


Bankston Street

South off Stewart Road, Third Right from Woods Cove Road

Barbee Lane

Right (East) off Crawford Road From Veterans, Before Back of School

Beard Street

Right (West) off South Broad Street just past Captain Ds

Becky Lane

Right (South) off County Park Road, Last Right before Roseberry Drive

Bedford Street

1st Left (West) off Crawford Road (Crawford Road turns Left (North) off of Hwy 35 beside Randall's Chapel Church)

Beech Street

First Left (North) off of Parks Avenue from 4-Way Stop

Bella Vista Drive

2nd Road on Top of July Mountain, Runs Right & Left

Belle Hart Drive

First Road to Right (East) off Crawford Road, Crawford is Left (North) off of Hwy 35 at Randall's Chapel Church, to Power Board Warehouse

Bellefonte Circle

2nd Left (North) off County Road 33 from Snodgrass Road

Bellemeade Drive

Right (East) off East Willow across from Power Sub-Station

Benham Avenue

Turn South off Garland Ferry on Benwood Drive, Turn Right off Benwood on Dayton Drive, Follow Dayton to 1st Street to Right is Benham

Benson Lane

South off Charlotte (Between Market Street and Scott Street), Benson Street loops to Market Street Just South of Charlotte Street

Benwood Drive

Turns South off of Garland Ferry Road at Veterans Drive

Berry Lane

Left (West) off Howard Street which runs Left (North) off East Willow

Berry Road

Turns Left (East) off Bob Jones Road Just South of Goosepond Drive, Crosses Goosepond Drive to Hancock Road at Goosepond Acres

Bethany Drive

North off Snodgrass Past the intersection of Snodgrass and Co Rd 33


South off Woodlawn which is off Woodall La

Beverly Circle

North off Snodgrass Road into Bellefonte estates

Bibb Avenue Woods Cove Road to Woods Cove Circle, Right on Circle, First Right

Bingham Avenue

Turns south off east Willow

Birchwood Drive

Hood Subdivision Turn east off US72 at Trinity Church 1st rd to Right or Left

Blue Spring Road

Left off Harris. Harris runs Right off hwy 35 just past County road 17, Larkinsville

Bluff View Drive

River Ridge subdivision Right on to Cherokee, Bluff View will be the last Street to Right


Left off Bruce Drive which is Right off Clemons

Bob Jones Avenue

Starts behind Alabama Wholesale Tire and runs all the way to Goosepond

Bogue Drive

Off Belle-Hart, Belle Hart is Right off Crawford Road

Boy Drive

Right at Woods Cove Circle, 2nd road to the Right, at church

Brad Street

Runs off Campground Circle which runs off Clemons road

Bradford Road

Off Wynn Road, Wynn runs off Bob Jones

Bradley Street

Turn East off Bob Jones onto Wynn Road 1st Street on Right

Briarwood Street

Turn East off South Scott Street onto Van Buren,  1st Road to Right

Brandon Street

Left (or North) off County Park Road 1st Road to the Left after Byron Road


Turn South off of hwy 35 onto Longhollow Road, Bret is 1st Street to Right

Brewer Lane

Left (south) off hwy 35 just before old bowling alley

Brewton Street

Turn Right (east) off east willow street at chicken Basket crossing over ridge to hwy 72


Turn Left off Clemens Road on Aberdeen St, 1st street to Left

Broad Street

West side of square, runs North & South (279 S) divides town into east and west

Broadway Avenue

Turn in Rolling Hills Subdivision Turn Right 1st St on Left (rolling Hills sub is east off Bob Jones)

Broadway Drive

turn Left off Scott St last street to Left before Methodist Church and Jackson Square Shopping center (dirt road behind Calvary Baptist Church)

Brown Street

East off hwy 35 toward Ft Payne 3rd street to Left after 5pts

Bruce Drive

Runs off Clemons Rd past where Campground Circle Ys off

Bruce Street

Turn Right off Tupelo Pike on David St 1st street to Left


Turn Left (East) off Scott Street on Washington Circle bear Right on Tyler 1st street to Right

Burlington Street

West at 4 way Stop, going towards county jail

Bush Road

Turn off Circle Drive (woods cove) after Boy Drive

Butler Drive

Turn Left (east) off woods cove road

Byron Road

1st Street to Left off County Park After Delwood Subdivision, top of hill


Caldwell Street

Road beside Fire station #1, South From Willow to Appletree Street


Left (north) off Country club Lane which is Left off Bob Jones

Campground Circle

End of Clemons Road which turns south at fire station #3 (Lake Shore Sub Division)

Canadian Drive

Goosepond Subdivision 2nd road to Left off Hancock road which is Left off South Broad street

Carol Avenue

Off circle Drive 1st street to Right past Bibbs Avenue

Carter Street

1st road to Right off Gant Road

Cecil Street

West (Right) off Broad St Behind old High School

Cedar Hill Drive

 4way stop to Willow Street Near Unclaimed Baggage (national guard armory in on Cedar Hill)  

Center Street

Left and Right off tupelo pike, (North from 5 points)

Charlotte Street

East from Cedar Hill to Kyle Street, First on right from 4-way stop

Chase Wood

Right off Willow Chase Which is Right off Wynn Rd (Nelson School side of Wynn)

Chawnee Circle

Top of July Mountain

Chesapeake Drive

Goosepond sub. Left off Hancock rd onto Mallard street 1st St to Right

Cherry Street

From Scott St across Broad street to Garden Drive (beside Abercrombie Tires)

Cherokee Road

river ridge sub Take Andrew Jackson way to McNary to dead end at Cherokee road

Chestnut Street

2nd Right and Left off N Houston street


Right off Morning Glory Drive which is Left off Byron Drive which runs off co park rd

Childress Drive

East off Bob Jones at Stewart rd

Christie Drive

off Circle Drive to Right before Woods Cove Church

Church Street

Right off Tupelo Pike past Ridgedale road


Right off Darryl Rd which is Right west off 79 south

Cimarron Drive

Right off Jeremy Drive which is Left off Byron rd which is north off County Park Road

City Park Road

Off Wynn road into City Park

Circle Drive

Right off woods cove (in the cove)

Clark Street

West off broad street before Cecil street

Clemons Road

South off hwy 35 beside fire station #3, Turn at Lakeside Grocery


South (Right) off Parks St at Bass Stop

Clifford Road

Right (west) off hwy 35 toward US72 (next street after Meadowbrook)

Clinton Road

Benwood sub Right off Dayton to Benham Left off Benham

Cloverdale Road

Behind Hospital, Cloverdale Manor Nursing Home

Cody Street

Left off Long Hollow Road from West Willow, Just before Seabolt Drive

Coffee Street

Of off Laurel street Kyle street   Right

College Avenue

Turn Right (east) off broad street near square

Colonial Drive

BellMeade Sub (behind Brownwood School)

Collins Street

At South Scott & South Broad, Collins Street go Up the Hill to Lakeview Drive

Commodore Street

Bob Jones from South Broad, Straight on Wynn Road, Commodore is Left at Big Curve to Right

Cotton Street

Clemons Road, Left at "Y", Right onto Campground Circle, First Left is Cotton

Couch Street

East Laurel Street from Square, First Right Past Scott Street

County Park Road

Left off South Broad in front of Piggly Wiggly, Crosses Hwy 72, Goes to Jackson County Park

Country Lane

Tupelo Pike from East Willow, First Right (East) Past Center Point Baptist Church

Country Club Lane

South Bob Jones, Left (East) onto Country Club, Before Lakewood Drive

Crawford Road

Veterans Drive, Left at Randall's Chappell Church, Runs Behind High School, Ends at Snodgrass

Crest Road

Left onto Wynn Road off South Bob Jones, Right on Bradford Road, First Right is Crest

Crestfield Drive

Left on Co. Road 33 from Snodgrass Road, 2nd Left onto Bellefonte Circle, First Right - Crestfield

Crestview Drive

Tupelo Pike, Left on Melody Lane, Up Melody Mountain, Right to Crestview on Top

Cumberland Circle

Left onto Scotland Drive from Snodgrass from Hwy 72, Dead Ends on Cumberland Circle

Cunningham Street

Left on Crawford at Randall's Chapel Church, 3rd Left is Cunningham Street


Darrell Road

Right (West) off Hwy 79 South, About a mile past Railroad Track

David Avenue

6th Street to Right (East) off Tupelo Pike

David Street

Between Lee Hall Road & Bradley Street before Willow Cove, Off Wynn Road

Dawson Street

Right (South) off of Moody Ridge Road, Just before Maples Industries

Dayton Drive

Off Benwood Drive, Passes End of Meadowbrook Drive, Dead End Street

Dean Street

5th Street to Right (East) off Tupelo Pike

Debbie Street

Right off of Clemons Drive onto Bruce Drive, Left onto Debbie, Lakeview Shores

Delwood Drive

Left off County Park Road past Rosewood Manor, Makes a Circle

Demarius Street

1st Right (South) off West Stewart Road from Porter Road

Devers Street

1st Right off Ridgewood Drive from Moody Ridge Road, Dead End Street

Dick Hayes Road

Runs from Hwy 72 West (Across from K-98 Radio) to Hwy 79

Dock Street

Right off Hwy 35 before River Bridge, Dead End Dirt road to Old Pulp Yard at River

Dorking Street

Left off of Clemons Road onto Sherwood Avenue, Bear Left onto Dorking

Douglas Street

8th Street to Right (East) off Tupelo Pike, Past Forrest Avenue

Dover Street

Next to County Jail, Short Street between Parks Avenue & Burlington Street

Dredge Drive

Left (East) off Hwy 35 onto Highland, First Street to Right (South)

Driftwood Shores Drive

End of Snodgrass Road at River, Turn Right onto Driftwood


Earl Street

Left off  Kyle Street South

East Street

Right off  Tupelo Pike on to Wilson 2nd Street to Left

Eden Street

K&K Trailer Court 2nd Street 

Edgewood Drive.

in rolling hills sub. bob Jones to rolling hills blvd ,Right on Scenic Drive ,Left on Broadway next intersection is Edgewood runs both ways

Ed Hembree Drive.

Left off 79 south (Main entrance to Goosepond)

Edmond Drive.

Right off  Gant Rd. to Lakeside mobile home park

Edna Drive.

3rd Right off Ridgedale Road (which runs Left off East Willow across from Adam's chicken basket)

Elaine Street

Left off county park rd (2nd street after Byron Rd)

Elm Street

5th street to Left on north Houston after crossing tracks



take Bob Jones Road Left on Lakewood 1st road to Right

Fletcher Drive.

turn Right on Medowbrook Drive. then Left on Fletcher

Floyd Circle

Right off Clemons Road.  and  Campground Cir.

Forrest Avenue

7th Street to Right off Tupelo Pike

Fox Run Circle

off Stewart Rd. to Left (which is Left off Porter Road which is Left off Woods Cove Rd.)

Frances Street

Right off Commodore (Wynn road off Bob Jones just passed Masonic Drive)

Franklin Street

Left off Scott Street across from Cherry Street

Frazier Drive.

Bob Jones Right to Julie Drive, Deadens into Frazier

Field Street

Akzo blvd. to Anderson Street 3rd Street to Left 

Freedom Drive.

off liberty lane 2nd road to Left

Frontage Road

access road in front Hardee's on Hwy. 72


Gant Hill Road

Right (West) off Phillips Drive which is behind K&K Mobile Home Park

Gant Road

Left (East) off Hwy 35 Next to BP Station before River Bridge

Garden Drive

Off Jefferson Drive Next to Junior High

Garland Ferry Road

Off Kyle Street, Crosses Veterans Drive at Curve, Ends at Daily Sentinel 

Garner Street

Right onto Ruth Street off of County Park Road, 1st Right off Ruth is Garner

Gentle Circle

Clemons Road to Campground Circle, First Right Past Floyd Circle

Gentry Drive

Last Road to Right at End of Plantation Point Road

George Street

Right off of Gant Hill Road

George Adams Road

Right off East Willow Next to Chicken Basket, Crosses Hwy 72, Stops on Snodgrass Road

Goldenrod Drive

In the Meadows off Byron Road, Morning Glory Drive to Chicory Lane to Goldenrod

Goosepond Drive

First Left off South Broad past railroad tracks, To Industrial Park

Grady Avenue

Dead End Street off Clinton Road, Dayton Drive to Benham Avenue to Clinton Road

Green Street

First Left off Clemons Road to Hurt Street, Left onto Green

Greenview Drive

Ridgedale Road from East Willow, 2nd Left past railroad tracks

Greenwood Drive

Left (East) off Bob Jones, before Anderson Road

Gregory Street

End of Cloverdale Road, Mental Heath Center

Gross Lane

Right (West) off South Scott Street, Past Meadow Street, before Cherry Street

Gwen Street

Right onto West Stewart from Porter Road, 2nd Right is Gwen Street


Hall Lane

South on Broad St- Left on Ida Moody- Right on Bob Jones Rd- Left on Wynn Road- Hall Lane 3rd Right

Hamilton Avenue

Right off of Laurel Street  (connects Laurel Street to Garland Ferry Road)

Hamlin Street

Left off Broad Street before Methodist church (runs to Caldwell school)

Hancock Road

Crosses  South Broad Street @ CW's   

Happiness Drive

Right off Hwy 79 bypass A&C Trailer Park (across from Living Word Ministries)

Harley Street

Road to ambulance building (connects Cloverdale Rd & Woods Cove Rd)

Harris Street

Hwy 35 toward Woodville Right onto County Road 17 passed Railroad tracks 1st Right

Harvey Wilborn Street

Hwy 35 toward Woodville Right onto County Road 17 2nd street passed Railroad tracks 

Hayes Street

Crosses Broad Street  -2nd street passed King Caldwell park (connects Garden Drive and Scott St) 

Hembree Street

Across from the Hospital- Right on Woods Cove Road- 2nd Left

Henderson Lane

Cedar Hill -3rd Right onto Thomas Street- Left on South Street - Right on Henderson Lane (connects South Street and South Houston Street)

Hickory Hollow

Right on Woods Cove Road- Left on Stewart Road

High Street

Cedar Hill - Right on Charlotte Avenue- Left on High Street

Highland Avenue

Hwy 35 toward river- 2nd Left (across from K&K Mobile Home Park)

Hill Street

Cedar Hill- Right on Willow St- Right on Sebring Drive- Right on Hill St

Hillcrest Drive

Broad Street south- Left on Bob Jones Road to Wynn Road- Right on Masonic Drive- Right on Frazier Drive dead ends on Hillcrest Drive

Hillsdale Drive

Broad Street south- Left on Anderson Street- Right on Bob Jones Road- 2nd Left Hillsdale Drive

Hodges Street

Left on Woods Cove Road- Right on Parks Avenue- 1st Left Beech- Right is Hodges St

Holmes Street

Cedar Hill- Right on Willow Street - Right on Sebring Drive- Right on top of hill

Hood Avenue

Hwy 72E to Liberty Lane (Liberty Lane Runs into Hood Ave)

Houston Street

East Willow Street - First traffic light from Cedar Hill is Houston Street

Howard Street

East Willow Street- First Left Passed Moody Ridge Road

Hunt Street

Parks to Broad Street turn Left - Right on Charlotte Ave- 1st Left passed Scott Street

Hunter Road

Hwy 35 toward river- last Right before River Bridge

Hurt Street

Hwy 35 toward river- Right on Clemons Road- 1st Left is Hurt St


Ida Moody Drive.

Left off South Broad (just pass Stewart road )


Jada Lane      

Right off East Laurel Street connects East Laurel Street and Martin Street

Jeff Street

Off Debbie which is Left off Bruce which is Right off Clemons

Jefferson Drive

Right off Parks Ave. at Bass Quick Stop ,ends at VFW Hall (Passes Scottsboro Junior High School)

Jeffery Drive

Left off of Hwy 79 South before Mink Creek (Skyline Shores Area)

Jennifer Drive

Left off South Broad St. on Stewart Road, Right on Bob Jones Road, Left on Wynn Road, (1st street to Right after city park).

Jeremy Drive

Right off Byron which is Right off  Hwy 72.(Bryon  is street that runs by Trinity Baptist Church).

Joe Boulevard

Left off Willow Street onto South Houston St. Left on Popular Street (Joe Boulevard is 1st street).

John Rob Drive

2nd street off Ridgedale which is off East Willow Street.

John David Street

Left off South Broad Street onto Stewart Road Right onto Bob Jones Road, Left onto Wynn Road Right on Bradley Street . (John David Street connects Bradley and Lee Hall)

John T Reid Parkway

Hwy 72 through Scottsboro

Jonathan Street

Left off Hwy 35 onto Gant Road ,Right on Edmonds Street (Jonathan St. is in Lakeside Trailer Park). 

Jordan Avenue

Right off East Willow St, onto Kirby St, 1st street to Left, (behind Liberty Motel).

Jordan Lane

Left off Broad Street onto Appletree Street (street runs behind First National Bank).

Joy Drive

Left off East Willow Street onto Ridgedale Road, Right on Joy Drive.

Judge Drive

Hwy 79 south ,Right onto Co Rd 114 (Judge Drive crosses Co Rd 114)

Julie Drive

Left off Broad Street onto Bob Jones Road 2nd street on Right. (turn Left onto Bob Jones Road at Citgo station)

July Mountain Boulevard

Woodscove Road (straight at split, Woodscove runs in front of hospital)


Karen Drive

South Broad Street Right on Anderson Street, Right on Lisa Lane. (Karen Drive runs off Lisa Lane)

Keasling Drive

Left onto Hwy 79 bypass, Right onto Co, Rd.23.

Kelly Street

Hwy 79 south , Right onto Co. Rd. 114 Left onto Judge Drive. (Kelly runs off Judge Drive)

King Street

Right off Broad  (King Street runs beside police department)

Kingwood Drive

Right onto Byron Road which is off John T Reid Parkway, Right onto Larry Drive, Kingwood is 1st street to Left. (Bryon Road runs beside Trinity Baptist Church)  

Kirby Street

Right off East Willow Street. (At Liberty Motel past 5points)

Knight Drive

Left off West Willow Street at Hwy 35/79 intersection, Right onto Seabolt Drive Left on Knight Drive.

Kyle Street

Right and Left off East Willow Street. (past Scottsboro utilities)


Lake Avenue

Street  not cut (end of Lakeview Drive.)

Lakeshore Drive.

Right off Campground Circle (Behind lakeside grocery.)

Lakeside Drive.

Bob Jones Left (East) onto lakeside, just passed Anderson Road

Lakeview Drive.

Right off County park Road (top of hill before Calvary Baptist church)

Lakewood Drive. 


Larry Drive Off Hwy 72 onto Byron Road, First Cross Street is Larry Street
Lee Street Off Center Street, Dead Ends at Railroad Tracks


Mack Morris Drive

Private Drive off Akzo Boulevard 

Magnolia Lane

West off Broad Street Across from Colonial Bank

Mallard Drive

Left (North) off Hancock Drive (Goosepond Subdivision)

Maple Avenue

Right (East) off North Houston, Runs to Tupelo Pike

Market Street

East Side of Square, Runs North Across Tracks & South to Caldwell School

Martin Street

Beside First Baptist Church, Run from Andrews to Kyle

Marshal Drive

South off Hwy 72, Between Broad Street & Stewart Road

Marsie  Street

First Street to Right off Gant Road

Mary Hunter Avenue

Runs East & West Beside (South) of Railroad Tracks

Masonic Drive

First Right past Julie Drive off Winn Road, Russell Hills Subdivision 

McClendon Drive

Left (West) off Tupelo Pike, North of Pikeville Store

McCrary Drive

First Right (East) off Ridgedale Road from East Willow

McFoilton Drive

First Left off Ridgedale Road past Railroad Tracks

McIntosh Street

First Road to Left from Edmonds Drive, Lakeside Mobile Home Park

McNairy Drive

2nd Right off Andrew Jackson, (off Veterans Drive before River Bridge) 

Meadow Brook Drive

Right (East) off Veterans Drive before Hwy 72, Runs to Benwood Drive

Meadow Island Road

Left off Roseberry Drive from County Park Road

Meadow Street

Runs Between Market & Scott, South of Charlotte Street

Melissa Drive

Cumberland Circle to Bellefonte Circle

Melody Lane

Left (West) off Tupelo Pike, Dirt Road up Melody Mountain

Mica Way

Hwy 72 to Hwy 35, Passes Ruby Tuesday's

Mike Street

2nd Street into Mack Allen Mobile Home Park off East Anderson Road

Mimosa Lane

Left (North) off East Willow Street, Just Before Airport

Martin Luther King Blvd.

Runs North & South, On Hill, Runs North from West Maple

Money Lane

West off Kyle Street, First Left past Garland Ferry Road

Monticello Street

2nd Street to Right (West) off Bellemeade from West Willow

Monte Vista Drive

1st Street to Right at top of July Mountain

Montclair Drive

Off Byron Road to Cimarron

Moody Ridge Road

Right (South) off of East Willow Street, Parallels Willow, Stops at Maples Industries

Morgan Drive

Right on Woods Cove Circle, 2nd Street, First past Bibb Street

Morning Glory Drive

Main Road into "The Meadows" off Byron Road

Mosiac Street

2nd Left off Gant Road, Circles back to Gant Road


Nathan Street

South Broad (Hwy 79 South)  Left on Anderson Street, Right on Nathan Street, Mack Allen Mobile Home Park (1st St on Right)

Nell Road

Right on Woods Cove Road Left on Butler Drive. Connects Butler Drive. and  Rose Drive.

Newport Drive.

Cedar Hill Right on Willow to Bellemeade(5th road to the Right past 5 points intersection) Bellemede runs into Newport Drive.

North Street

Cedar Hill Right on Willow Left on Tupelo Pike Right on Wilson Left on North connects Wilson and Walsh

North George Adams


Cedar Hill Right Willow Right on North George Adams (approx 1/2 mile past airport on the Right)


Oak Drive.

Cedar Hill to Right on Willow Right on Hwy 35 Left on Crawford Road (Randall's Chapel) 2nd road to the Left.

Oak Park Drive.

Cedar Hill Right on Willow to Hwy 35 Left on Gant Road Right on Edmonds Drive, Right onto Oak Park

Oak Street

Right on Willow, Left on Houston 2nd Street after Railroad  (On Hill)

Oakwood Circle

East Willow to Bellemeade runs off Bellemeade

Ode Street

Cedar Hill Left West Willow (Before the Bowling Alley) Just before Brewer Just Arnold's Auto Repair

Ola Street

Parks Ave Left on South Broad Right on Charlotte Right on South Kyle Street Left on Earl Street Right off of Earl Street

Old Lee Highway

East Willow Street behind Liberty Restaurant

Orange Street

Willow Street to North Houston 6th Street off North Houston (cross Railroad on the Hill)

Owen Drive

Hwy 72 West Right on Hwy 79 Bypass First Right is Owens Drive across from Kingdom Hall.

Old Larkinsville Road

West Willow 1st road to the Right past Unclaimed Baggage

Opportunity Lane

Hwy 72 2nd entrance@ Industrial Plant runs into Opportunity 


Pamela Street

At Dead End of Joy Drive off Ridgedale Road

Panarama Street

Left (East) of Veterans Drive, 2nd Left from Five Points

Parks Avenue

Woods Cove Road to four way stop, Turn Right ( Runs to Broad Street)

Pat Ashmore Lane

First Right past Railroad Tracks on Woods Cove Road 

Patrick Street

First Left off Veterans Drive (East) at 5 points.

Payne Circle

Right off Hwy 35 Right on Andrew Jackson (before river bridge) Right on Hunter Road Left on Payne 

Peachtree Street 

Cedar Hill Right (East), Runs by Fire Station # 1 

Pell Street 

Right off County Park Road onto Ruth First Left off Ruth onto Pell 

Perry Street

East Willow, Left on Tupelo Pike, Right on Walsh, (Perry connects Walsh and Quincy)  

Petty Circle

Woods Cove Road, Right at Y, into Cove First Right (which is also Woods Cove) Petty Circle is First and Second street. 

Petty Street

Hwy 35 south ,Right on County Road 17 North, 2nd Road to Right 

Phillips Drive

Right off Hwy 35 on Phillips, (runs behind K&K trailer park)

Phillips Road

Woods Cove cross the Tracks Left on Butler, Phillips Road is 2nd off Butler. 

Piccadilly Drive

Left off South Broad Street onto Hayes, Right on South Scott, Left on Piccadilly Drive.  

Pine Street

Right off Broad Street go past Hayes Pine Street next street

Pine Drive

Off Hwy 35 turn Right onto Clemons Rd (in front of FD #3) Clemons Road intersect Campground Circle 6th Road is Pine Drive crosses Left and Right

Pine Ridge Road

Left off South Broad onto Stewart, cross Bob Jones Avenue, First street to the Right

Pine Point Road

Bob Jones, Left onto Wynn, Pine Point is the 5th Right off Wynn after you pass City Park

Plantation Park Lane

Highway 72 to 79 North to County Road 23 Left on County Road 17 1st road @ entrance golf course 

Plantation Pointe

Highway 72 to 79 North to County road 23 Left to County Road 17, Starts at the end of 17 

Ponroy Street

West off of Tupelo Pike, Ponroy is the 2nd Left off Tupelo Pike after you cross the tracks.

Poplar Street

Last street to the Left off of  North Houston Street  

Porter Road

Porter Road runs from Woods Cove to Hwy 72, also from Thomas French Drive to Dick Hayes, and again from Hwy 72 (across from Dick Hayes), across Hwy 79 Bypass to the "Broken Bridge"

Proctor Drive

Go to County Park Road, Last Street to the Left before entering the Park


Quincy Street

Willow St. onto Tupelo Pike 4th St. on Right Next Street up from Walsh


Rayford Lane

Off Jefferson Drive Beside Scottsboro Dialysis (Behind Drive Buckner's Office)

Recreation Lane

North Off Parks Avenue (Beside Big C Drugs)

Red Wing Drive

Woods Cove Road up July Mountain 4th Left off July Mountain Boulevard (After the top of the Mountain)

Reed Street

Connects Worthington and Hembree Street (Across from the Hospital)

Richard Avenue

Hwy 35 Left on Gant Road Right on Edmonds Drive. Right on Oak Park, Richard is the 2nd Left 

Ridge Road, East

Willow Street South on Scott St 1st Left past Piccadilly goes up on Hill 

Ridgedale Road

Willow Street through 5 points  1st road past airport (end of airport is beside Ridgedale Road) Turn Left off of East Willow Street

Ridgewood Drive.

Willow St. 1st street of off Moody Ridge Rd. to the Right from 5 Points

Ridley Street

Willow St. Left on Tupelo Pike Right onto Center Ridley 2nd Street to the Right

River Ridge Circle

Hwy 35 Right on Andrew Jackson Way (Before BB Comer Bridge) Right onto Cherokee Right onto River Ridge Circle

Riverview Circle

Hwy 72 to County Park Rd. Right on Riverview Cir. Riverview is the 1st Right off County Park coming from Hwy 72

Roberts Road

Broad St. Right on Akzo Blvd (Hwy 79) cross Hwy 72 Left on Porter Rd. Left on Roberts

Robinson Street

1st crossing at Worthington St and Hembree Street (Across from Hospital)

Rogers Street

Right off East Willow through 5 points Right on Rogers.  Rogers St. is the 2nd street past The Chicken Basket

Rolling Avenue

South Broad Street, Left  Bob Jones, Left on Rolling Hill Blvd. Right on Scenic, Rolling Ave is the 2nd Left off Scenic, South of Rolling Hill Blvd.

Rolling Hill Boulevard

South on Broad Street, Left on Stewart, Left on Bob Jones Right on Rolling Hill Blvd. (Rolling Hill Subdivision)

Rose Drive

Woods Cove Road Cross Railroad, Left on Butler, Left on Nell, Right on Rose (Butler Subdivision)

Roseberry Drive.

Hwy 72 Right on County Park Roseberry runs Right at the Y of Jackson County Park entrance and runs around to Pell St.

Russell Street

Willow Street Turn onto Garland Ferry (In Front of Daily Sentinel) Russell St connects Garland Ferry and Earl Street

Ruth Street

Hwy 72 onto County Park Rd. 2nd St. to the Right off County Park Road.

Rome Street

Hwy 35 turn Left on Gant Road, Turn Right on Edmonds, Rome runs with Lodi (Lakeside Trailer Park)


Sanders Street

Right onto Willow St. 2nd street to the Left off Willow Coming from 5 points (just past Howard Street)

Santa Maria

Right on Broad, cross tracks, Right on Savory, Left on Santa Maria

Sauty Bottoms Road

Sauty Bottoms Road is the stretch of County Road 17 that runs south from Hwy 35 in Larkinsville, to County road 23 (Keasling Drive)

Savory Drive

South Broad Street, cross the tracks, Right onto Savory Drive (Pine Village Subdivision)


Right of Hickory Hollow off Fox Run

Scarborough Drive

Right on Broad, Left on Ida Moody, Right onto Bob Jones, Left on Wynn, it is the 2nd Right off Wynn past the City Park

Scenic Drive

Take Broad Street, Left on Stewart, Left on Bob Jones, Right on Rolling Hill Blvd which dead ends into Scenic. Scenic runs Left and Right from Rolling Hills Blvd

Scotland Drive

Highway 72, to Snodgrass Road into Bellefonte Subdivision 

Scott Street

South off East Willow next to Power Board, goes to South Broad

Seabolt Drive

Highway 79 South from Hwy 35, Crosses 79, Right to Knight Street, Left to Long Hollow Road

Sebring Drive

Right (South) off East Willow, Uphill to Housing Project, End at Ridgewood

Shady Lane

South Broad , Right on West Anderson Road, Right onto Shady Acres Mobile Home Park

Sharon Street

West Willow, Left (South) onto Brewer Street, Around Curve to Westlawn, 2nd Left to Sharon

Shelby Street

Gant Road ends at Shelby, Runs from Snodgrass Road to County Road Department

Shelton Street

Short Street from Veterans Drive to East Laurel between Five Points Chevron & Davis Cleaners

Sheppard Lane

West off South Market, South of Cherry, just past Yarbrough Lane

Sherwood Drive

Off Clemons Road, First Left past First Sharp Curve, Sherwood Subdivision

Sherwood Street

Off Clemons Road, Left just before First Sharp Curve, Dead End Street

Shipp Lane

South Scott Street, First Left South of Lora Street, Dead End Street

Short Street

Left (East) Off South Kyle onto Wallace Lane, Around First Curve is Short Street

Shorty Robertson Road

First Left Off Ed Hembree Drive (Goosepond), Short Street to Bob Jones

Sisk Street

Right Off North Houston to Popular, Popular runs into Sisk, On Hill

Skyline Shores Drive

Hwy 79 South, below North Saulty Marina, Left onto Jeffery Drive, First Right is Skyline Shores Drive.

Slaton Street

Left off East Willow onto Ridgedale Road, 4th Left past Railroad Tracks

Smith Street

South Broad Street past Beard Street, Right onto Smith, Just before Country Club

Snodgrass Road

Right off Moody Ridge Road, Snodgrass Crosses Hwy 72, End at the Tennessee River

Snow Drive

Left Beside Cw's Pit Stop to Hancock Road, Left onto Mallard Drive, 2nd Street to Right is Snow

South Street

2nd Left (North) off of Parks Avenue from 4 way stop

Springhill Road

Veterans Drive, Right onto Andrew Jackson, Right onto Cherokee, Right onto River Ridge Circle, Right on Springhill

Staples Lane

First Right off Old Larkinsville Road from West Willow

Starkey Drive

Clemons Road, Right at "Y" onto Campground Circle, First Right past Lakeshore Drive


Left off Berry Drive, Berry is Right off Goosepond Drive, Past Bob Jones

Stewart Road

Left off Porter Road from Woods Cove, Crosses Hwy 72, Across Hill, Crosses South Broad Street

Sumner Street

Clemons Road, Left at "Y", Left on Bruce which Dead Ends on Sumner Street

Sunset Drive

Byron Road off Hwy 72, First Left onto Larry Drive, First Right onto Birchwood, Left on Sunset

Sutton Lane

Left on Sutton road off Wynn Road from South Bob Jones Road, Just before City Park on Right


Tally Street 

Hwy 35 Left on Gant Rd Right on Carter Left on Tally. Tally runs from Carter to Edmonds.

Taylor Street

Woods Cove Rd. Turn Right at Lozier (Runs in front of Lozier)

Teal Drive

Left off South Broad Street at CW'S ,Right onto Hancock, Teal is First Left past Mallard. 

Third Street

Broad St. to Charlotte, Right on Scott, Left on Lora, Right on 3rd

Thomas Street

Cedar Hill Drive. 3rd Road to the Left Connects South St. and Cedar Hill

Thomas French Drive

Broad Street Right on Stewart, Left on Hwy 72, Left on Thomas French Drive. is 2nd entrance to the Industrial Park


Broad Street South Left on Ida Moody, Right on Bob Jones, Left on Wynn, Thompson is the 3rd St. to the Right of Wynn Rd. past City Park.


Willow Street Right on Scott Street Left on Van Buren, Van Buren dead ends into Tipperary

Tom Hodge Lane Runs from Beech, Crosses Parks Avenue, Stop at Houston

Trail Ridge Road

Right off Hwy 35onto Andrew Jackson Way (Just before BB Comer Bridge) Right on Cherokee, Trail Ridge is the 2nd Left of Cherokee

Trenton Street

Right on Clemons (SFD#3) Trenton Street is the 1st street to the Left after the 2nd sharp curve on Clemons at Sherwood Estates

Tubbs Street

Willow Street through 5 points, Left on Ridgedale, cross Railroad Tubbs is the 6th Left off of Ridgedale after you cross Railroad

Tupelo Pike

Willow St. to 5 Points Left on Tupelo Pike

Tyler Street

South on Scott Street to Caldwell School Right off Washington Circle onto Tyler Street

Twin Oaks

Hwy 35 Left on Crawford Road, Twin Oaks is the 1st Left off Crawford coming from Hwy 35

Tim Street

Hwy 79 South  Left on Anderson (SFD # 2) Tim is 3rd St on Right


Van Buren Street

South on Scott Street, Left (East) Just Past Caldwell School.

Vann Street

Right (east) off Cedar Hill Drive onto Appletree Street Left on Vann (Vann runs between Laurel and Appletree)

Veterans Drive

Runs from 5points to river bridge (also known as Hwy35)

Virginia Avenue

County Park Road, Right onto Becky Lane, Becky Lane ends at Viginia Avenue


Wallace Lane

Left off Kyle Street

Walnut Street

Left (west) off North Houston Street (on the hill)

Waterford Trail

Goosepond Condominiums Turns Right off the south (Right or south of Revere road) section of Bob Jones Rd

Walsh Street

3rd street to Right off Tupelo Pike

Ward Street

Turns Right (east) off Cedar Hill 1st street to Right after armory

Warn Street

Right off Ridgedale road 3rd street to Right past Joy Drive

Washington Circle

Runs (east) Left off Scott street near Caldwell school 

Wayne Street

Runs south off Stewart rd Goes through Marlindale subdivision

Webb Street

Turns Left (north) off hwy 35 3rd street past 5pts

West Street

Turns Right off Cedar Hill Drive 2nd St to Right past 4 way crossing

Westview Street

1st street to Right on Brewer street (Brewer street turns Left (south) off hwy 35 just before old bowling alley)

Widgeon Drive

Left off Mallard which is Left off Hancock Drive (goose pond subdivision)


Left or Right off co rd 17 in Larkinsville

Wilcox Drive

Street to Right off Ridgedale Before railroad track

Wildwood Avenue

Hood Subdivision Between Byron road and Larry Drive (Byron turns Left off County Park & Circles out to Highway 72)

Willow Cove Drive

Right off Wynn rd on Bradley at end of Bradley is Willowcove Drive

Willow Street

Divides town north and west runs from Hollywood to Al  Hwy 79

Wilson Street

Turn Right and Left off Tupelo Pike 2nd street to Right or the 4th street on Left after railroad.

Wimberly Drive

Right off Bradley street ( which is Right off Wynn street)

Windsor Drive

Turn Right (south) off Al Hwy 35 At Critter Care goes to Austin Springs Apartments.

Winfield Drive

Off Wynn rd (across from the water)

Woodfern Drive.

Top of July Mountain 2nd street to Left


Hwy 35 to Gant Road 1st to Left off Gant Rd 

Woodland Drive.

Right off East Willow 4th Right passed 5pts.

Woodlawn Street.

Left off  West Willow onto Brewer turn Right at dead end

Woodmont Lane

West Willow to Ridgedale take 2nd road to Left after Railroad onto Greenview then 1st street to Right

Woods Cove Road

Road in front of Hospital, Runs into the Cove

Woodall Lane

Turn Left (south) off Al Hwy 35 1st street pass bowling alley


West off Bob Jones

Woodson Lane

Off Ridgedale Road 3rd the Left after Railroad

Worthington Street

Across from the hospital 1st street to the Left on woods cove rd from ER

Wynn Haven

West (Left off Wynn rd in front of Bradford St) go in from shopping center

Wynn Road

Makes a loop from North Bob Jones, Past City Park, back to South Bob Jones, Near the end of Ida Moody Drive.

Wynnwood Lane

Left off Wynn Road



Left (East) off Market (South of Cherry Street)


Right off York (in Lakeside Mobile Home Park)


1st Left off Entrance of Lakeside Mobile Home Park